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7 to 16 Meter Lighting Mast Tower Tilting Type only
Type of Towers :

Tilting type Lighting Mast.

Material of construction : Steel tubes / M.S. Plates
Regional basic Wind speed :

a. 33 m/sec (118 km/hr) b. 44 m/sec (158 km/hr) c. 50 m/sec (180 km/hr)

Gust Factor : 1.15 / 1.25
Topography configuration : a. 1.0      b. 1.3
Mean probable design life : 25 years
Height of the Towers : 7 to 16 meters
Height Variation factor : As per IS Code 875 : 1987 (Part 3)
Terrain Category : As per the site requirement
Winches : Motor operated / Manually operated
Number of Lights Cradles : One / Two / Three
Number of Lights :

Four / Six / Eight.

Area of Cross Section of the Luminaries : As per design of the luminaries offered.

   Specifications for 9 to 25 metre Telescopic Tilting Type Lighting Mast

Anti - rust Treatment and Painting :
Painting after sand blasting / Hot Dip galvanising / Metalising.

Mast Lighting Control Panel (MLCP) :
IP 55 Protection suitable number of Incoming MCB isolator, and RCBO to protect the outgoing cables from any short-circuit.

Luminaries :
Sigma Luminaries with highly polished stainless steel reflectors or as per customer / design requirement.

Design :
We can supply complete design calculations for the towers selected. Some of our towers are also type tested at Govt. Laboratory.