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36 watt Lowbay Light

  Special Features

Highly polished Stainless Steel Reflector-cum-Body :


Highly polished stainless steel reflector-cum-body for assured lasting performance. Ideal for CF lamps for its capability to reflect out high heat along with light ensuring longer life for lamps.The reflectors ensure wide spread, high intensity and energy saving.


Dust, Moisture and Vermin Proof :


Dust, moisture and vermin cannot enter the fitting. Even if these enter dueto loose tightening, that will have no permanent effect on the efficiency of the reflectors because these can be wiped clean & shinning.

    Neoprene Rubber Gaskets :

Neoprene Rubber Gaskets ensure IP56 protection making the fititngs dust, moisture and vermin proof.


   Workshops, Meterial Handling Plants, Sub Stations etc.

   Technical Details

High intensity, wide spread Lowbay light complete with highly polished stainless steel body-cum-reflectors, toughened glass cover with retaining ring, 4 pin lamp holders & electronic ballast. The lowbay light would be complete with 1 no of 36 W CF Lamps and 300mm down rod.