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9 (11) Meter Telescopic Tilting Type Tower with 'Green' Genset & Acoustic Cover meeting CPCB Norms.
No. of
D.G. Set
7.5 KVA
7.5 KVA
10 KVA
15 KVA
Solid rubber

   Specifications for 9 (11) metre Mobile Telescopic Tilting Type Tower
Type of Towers :

Telescopic tilting type, Trolley mounted having pneumatic / solid rubber tyres.

Material of construction : Steel tubes / M.S. Plates
Regional basic Wind speed :

a. 33 m/sec (118 km/hr) b. 44 m/sec (158 km/hr)
c. 50 m/sec (180 km/hr)

Gust Factor : 1.15
Topography configuration : a. 1.0      b. 1.3
Mean probable design life : 25 years
Height of the Towers : 11 meter including the height of trolley & cradle
Height Variation factor : As per IS Code 875 : 1987 (Part 3)
Terrain Category : Category 1 Class A as per IS 875:1987 (Part 3)
Winches : Motor operated / Manually operated
Number of Lights Cradles : One / Two
Number of Lights :

Four / Six / Eight / Nine. The Tower would be designed with a provision for at least 4 lights to be fitted on one side of the cradle if required.

Area of Cross Section of the Luminaries : As per design of the luminaries offered.
Diesel Generating Set housed in acoustic cover meeting CPCB norms. :

7.5 / 10 / 15 KVA Single phase 230 V 0.8 PF self excited, self regulated, continuously rated alternator 12 / 16 / 20 BHP, 1500 rpm air cooled engine.

Hinging / Telescopic Arrangement :
The system would have an arrangement for installing and maintaining lights at ground level. The tilting arrangement of the Tower would be perfectly balanced and would not give any jerk or need a push / pull to activate the operation.

Trolley Base :
The trolley base would be fabricated from channel frame work. The base would be provided with suitable number of riggers of suitable extendable length to ensure complete stability of towers when fully erected. The riggers after extension would be grounded with the help of screw jacks having suitable free base of steel / cast iron. The trolley shall be fitted with tow-eye, tail light reflectors etc..

Anti - rust Treatment and Painting :
The total tower structure shall be given anti rust treatment by painting after sand blasting. Before final painting two coats of primer shall be applied. During final painting of complete tower structure standard safety color code shall be complied with so as to provide clear visibility to the operators of dumpers, dozers, tippers etc. for safety against collision/ damage during night time.

Mast Lighting Control Panel (MLCP) :
The MLCP shall be of outdoor type having IP 55 class of protection with incomer for power from mains. The MCBs shall protect the outgoing cables from short circuit. RCBO of 30 mA rating shall be provided with main incomer MCB of adequate rating. The cables from MLCP to the individual luminary shall be prewired and so laid and protected that it does not infringe with raising and lowering of the segments of the tower. For motorised winches the interlocking arrangement would be provided to ensure that the tower tilting winch cannot be operated while the tower is in telescopic mode and vice versa.

D.G. Set with Acoustic Cover Meeting CPCB Norms :
The D.G. Set shall be Close coupled brush less, Safeties like Low Lube Oil Pressure switch, High Cylinder Head Temperature switch, Stop Solenoid, Feed Pump, Draw out Fuel Tank (50-100 litres), CRCA 14 gauge canopy with powder coating & with Heavy duty industrial engine.

Standard Scope of Supply : The D.G. Set shall be of Air cooled and complete with safeties, Close coupled brush less alternator, 12V electric start, Battery charging alternator, Control panel with complete gauge and meters. Click here to see more....

Luminaries :
The long range, high intensity, energy saving HPSV / metal halide lamp flood cum search light would be dust, moisture and vermin proof. The fitting would be complete with highly polished stainless steel mirror reflector - cum - body, pilfer proof and captive bolting system, incorporated vibration isolators, toughened front glass of min 5 mm thickness, focusing arrangement, neoprene rubber gaskets and steel inserts at threaded portions. The fittings would have type test certificate for all tests specified in type tests clause (including photometry) and also for wind load test and current leakage test from a NABL approved Government Test Laboratory having International Accreditation. The IP classification for the flood lights would be IP 65. At the rated voltage of 240 volts the 400 W HPSV Lamp flood light would produce a min illumination of 6000 lux when measured along the axis and 35 lux at 30 deg to the axis at a distance of 10 metres.

Design :
We can supply complete design calculations for the towers selected. Some of our towers are also type tested at Govt. Laboratory.