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We at Sigma specialize in Designing Innovative and fail-safe Products with single minded aim of Energy Saving. Our Product Range consists of :

Energy Saving Luminaries

Sigma have a wide range of innovative and fail-safe luminaries for industrial, commercial and domestic use. Our industrial luminaries have been found very useful at Mines,Railways, Plants, Projects and Industry.

Lighting Mast Towers

Innovative telescopic tilting type towers mounted on trolley / skid / ground having a facility for bringing the lights to the ground level for ease of installation and maintenance. The lighting mast towers provide uniform wide illumination because more than one lighting cradles can be incorporated on the tower.

Products under Sigma Consortium

Sigma is a mother unit for marketing Quality Products manufactured by large number of Small Scale units at Kolkata.
The product range includes Cable Reel Drums, Pull Cord switches, Switch Boards & Distribution Boards, Transformers, High Tension Hardware, Conductors and Powder Coated Bucket Handles, Universal Base with Embossed Scale.