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Case Study of Innovative,
Energy Saving Sigma Luminaries

Sigma Search Lights effectively illuminate much larger area than the other Flood lights available in the market today.
During demonstrations at Marshalling Yards of Railways it was observed that 4 nos of Sigma Lights with (1 x 400 W) HPSV Lamps when 2 nos each fitted on first and third lights towers could do the illumination of tracks better than what was presently being achieved by using 4 Nos of 800 (2x400)
Watt HPSV Lamp standard Flood lights in use at the yards at present.

Similar observations were also made during demonstrations at other areas like Lights Towers of Plants & Industry; Coal loading points,Quarry faces & Haul Roads at mines etc.

Capital Cost
Standard Flood Lights

4 Nos standard Floodlights of 2 x 400W with C.G.Box @ Rs.12000.00 each =Rs.48000.00

8 Nos.400W HPSVLamp @ Rs.995.00 = Rs.7960.00

Total :- Rs.55960.00

Sigma Luminaries

4 Nos.Sigma Search lights @ Rs.8475.00 each
= Rs.33900.00

4 no Control Gears @ Rs 3250.00 each = Rs.13000.00

4 Nos. 400 W HPSV lamps @
Rs.995.00 = Rs.3980.00

Total :- Rs.50880.00