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Case Study of Vibration Proof Energy Saving Sigma Luminaries for Shovels Draglines & Drills etc.

Shovel lights had always posed the biggest problem to mine illumination planners before the induction of vibration proof Sigma luminaires because of the problems of lamps with the existing luminaires fusing every 10 days on an average, their impaired efficiency over a period of time & frequent pilferage of costly lamps & luminaires resulting in frequent work stopages production loss.

Sigma Search Lights have successfully answered these problems to a much greater extent.

The lamps used with Sigma luminaires installed on the shovels & draglines go strong even after 2 years at various mines & are providing fail safe lasting efficiency.The comparision of existing system with that of Sigma system is given below.

Capital Cost
Standard Flood Lights

1 No standard Floodlights with 1 x 1000 W Halogen lamp @ Rs.1470.00 each =Rs.1470.00

1 No.1000 W Halogen Lamp @ Rs.170.00 = Rs.170.00

Total:- Rs.1640.00

Sigma Luminaries

1 No. Vibration Proof Sigma luminaire @ Rs.6475.00 each = Rs.6475.00

1 no Control Gear @ Rs 2780.00 each = Rs.2780.00

1 Nos. 250 W HPSV lamps @ Rs.760.00 = Rs.760.00


Energy Consumption
Energy consumption per year per luminaire taking on an average 12 Hrs. of daily service
1 light x 1000 watt x 12 hrs x 365 days = 4380 KWH
1 light x 250 watt x 12 hrs x 365 days = 1095 KWH
Savings on Energy
4380 KWH -1095 KWH =3285 KWH @ Rs.4.25 per KWH=Rs.13961.00 per yr.

36 nos of 1000 watt halogen lamps per luminaire per year are required on an average with the present system.On the other hand 1 no of 250 watt HPSV lamp per luminaire every two years is required with Sigma system.Saving on the cost of lamps per year work out to be 36 nos x Rs.170.00 x 2 years - 1 x Rs.760.00 = Rs.12240.00 - Rs.760.00 = Rs.11480/2 = Rs.5740.00 per year.

Total Savings Per year per Sigma light = Rs.13961.00 + Rs.5740.00 = Rs.19701.00 per year. This is against a capital cost of Rs.10015.00 Capital Cost Recovery out of savings = 10015/19701 = 0.51 yrs.